Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cloudrest Vineyard sketching

A small group of us met at Cloudrest Vineyard to sketch on Sunday and it worked out well until the afternoon and then the rain came in a downpour!

Linda has posted a group photo of our sketchbooks to the Portland Urban Sketchers facebook page.


  1. Nice, Deb. Were these drawn under the influence of the local product? :-)
    Regardless, thanks for posting!

  2. Yes Mike, there was some local product sampled...a nice Pinot Gris from Linda's own wine maker (small run...the rest of the harvest goes to Oak Knoll). But I can't exactly use that excuse for the good or bad of these drawings....

  3. Deb, these are both really evocative of our wet, spring weather. I love the color blocking. My favorite is the tree (oak?) and surrounding plants. It's a very dramatic composition.