Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Following Reynolds 'Old Town' sketches

These are two hotels that Reynolds sketched for his book. I copied out the adresses and set out intending to sketch them too if they still existed.
It was a pretty cold day in Portland so I decided to put the color on the paper before I ventured out to sketch (in the warm space at Stumptown Cafe)...this is closer to Tia's actual technique (putting down random color and then choosing which paper to work on when on site) than I have used before and I am pretty pleased with the results. Maybe it was just beginners luck but the color and shapes seemed to work out fine. In this sketch I positioned my view to accommodate the darker color brown I had already set down on paper.
This corner also is home to the Sisters of the Road Cafe.


  1. Excellent sketches! The color washes add a lot of liveliness to the scenes.

  2. these are great! i really like that technique with the colors already down, before starting to draw. very nice.

  3. Deb, these are wonderful. Without drawing all the surrounding buildings and detail, you somehow convey the whole area. Love the washes here, too.

  4. Great job...always love your work deb!