Tuesday, January 18, 2011

@ the Canvas art bar & bistro

My first time at the monday night drawing session.....the model came out in leotard and headband and I didn't get it that she was an 'aerobics instructor' until she made a comment about doing a 'sitting' pose.

I did these sketches really small (about 2.5" x 4") so I didn't have to put to much detail in them...that and the subject matter were challenging.


  1. Deb, These are great! I especailly like the last one that depicts the artists at work in the background. You got the stance of the model really well too.

  2. I really like how you framed these. Also, as someone who works mostly in black and white I'm definitely taking notes here. Well done.

    A couple questions, if you don't mind...These were done in a watercolor Moleskine, right? What pen(s) did you use?

  3. Thanks Kagedaijin. Actually I was using the Moleskine 'plain reporter' book (I like the option of using it horizontally or vertically). I used the Faber Castell Pitt pen 'sx' on these because I was working small. The Pitt pens work well on the 'sketchbook' paper also. deb