Sunday, August 22, 2010

Alanna's experience at the symposium, part 2!

...more sketching during the symposium. I realize that I'm not really posting these in chronological order...and you'll have to excuse the photos of sketches with weird lighting... 
it was dark during this lecture, so all I could sketch were silhouettes.
I also drew on the bus each day, as I decided I didn't want to worry about paying for parking while I was so focused on sketching
It was fun to draw the participants who were often drawing as well!
 my schedule for the 3 days and a photo of lapin cut from the PNCA booklet.
We went to Bridgeport on Friday night and, of course, continued the fun of sketching
I attempted to sketch my fellow sketchers

and, of course, more on the bus and waiting for the bus:
I tried to spend a lot of time sketching...including during the welcoming remarks
On the last day, I went sketching with Lapin, to focus on Urban Line
It's a bit wonky, but oh well!
It was fun to sit near Lapin & sketch, especially because I have followed his work online for quite awhile now!

then, I went out with Jason Das to focus on Urban Color. Our first assignment was to draw a scene using a non black line.
Then, we were to go out and draw the same scene twice, but one scene we colored it 'normally' (with colors close to the real colors) and the second one we could color it however we wanted to. I really liked the second one. It was fun!
Our third assignment was to draw something and then give it to your partner to color. I drew this scene from a pet store and it was colored by another:
and I added color to this sketch:

and now some of my favorite photos from the symposium (either taken by me, or found in the flickr pool for the symposium):
sketching on the streetcar

Sharing our work and learning from some pretty incredible artists:

Meeting so many cool people

And the exhibit at the end!

Sadly, the symposium had to come to an end. However, the Portland Urban Sketchers have been coming together to sketch and chat quite frequently this month. AND, we've gotten quite a few new members to join our group! Yay!


  1. Hey Alanna, I didn't know that I was illustrated too! Great portraits here. And I loved to read your report. Since I couldn't capture the words spoken by every presenters, your journalistic sketch containing their wards are so valuable!

  2. Hi Kumi! Glad you liked it! Yes, I illustrated you, too. Should have added color, but alas, I didn't. I'm trying, now, to always add color, because I think it adds so much to a sketch!