Saturday, May 16, 2020

Sketching with Trevor

For this sketchcrawl's theme of using a material we haven't worked with much before, I chose my ArtGraf watercolor graphite. 

My subject, Trevor, might look peaceful but he changed position several times and was a bit complicated! I did find the watercolor graphite an interesting match to try to show the shape of him while also somewhat capturing his black and white patches. It's a good material for focusing on doing brush strokes without getting distracted by color, and that's an area where I could use a lot of practice.  Fun experiment.

Last sketchcrawl we did continuous line drawings, but I had to stop early for a personal event and never posted.  So, belatedly, here's what I did that morning... it's Trevor again, this time in his bed with his favorite giraffe stuffie.

Looking forward to seeing what everyone else did today!


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