Saturday, May 16, 2020

Virtual Sketchcrawl #3- New materials

Looking around my studio, I discovered many items I have not tried. Many I inherited from my friend Joan. I intended to use her Progresso woodless colored pencils and water color crayons, but at the last minute I ending up using a small set of Holbein watercolors.    I thought I would do a light wash then add pencil. Two hours went by with only a few  Progresso strokes...Oh well....The colors were not my normal colors.  I have not used watercolor in a long time....

 I have been busy with all sorts of other new materials in my Wild Garden Books: Charcoal, Artgraf water soluble graphite, kneaded and powdered graphite, Woodies, Leaves as stamps, collage, etc. I have been posting some of it on instagram.

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