Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Portland Nursery Setchcrawl

Thought I might join on the bandwagon to post sketches from our latest...and might I say, largest turnout! Someone mentioned that we had 35 people show up for this event. Amazing.

It was also an awesome day....sun, and wonderful shadows, as evidenced in these two sketches.

Not sure what this machine was initially for...perhaps heat? Anyway it was displaying a proper holiday spirit!

Fall color was awesome on this plant in a pot.

 I took the opportunity to do another quick sketch while waiting for our sketcbook share.

A few people had to leave early and were not there at the time of our share.
Would love to see those and others from that sparkling day at Portland Nursery! Please Post.

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  1. I made a video of my time sketching at Portland Nursery, https://youtu.be/Uz6YDGW0OEg check it out.