Sunday, March 25, 2018

March for our Lives- Portland OR

It was not the most inviting day to be out marching through the streets of Portland but that did not seem to deter the crowd of passionate students and supporters.

Parking myself at a good spot (about 9:30 am ) across from the gathering place in North Park Blocks to do some warm up sketches. It was exciting to see the crowd grow ever larger there.

I then moved to SW Broadway to get a view of the beginning of the march up SW Broadway to Pioneer Courthouse Square. I was a little sheltered when the light rain started so it worked out to be a good vantage point.....however eventually I had to give it up and move on. My feet and fingers where just too cold to continue standing there. Walking seemed to help a bit and the route to Pioneer Courthouse Square warmed me up.  However when I got there it was so crowded (a pretty good thing, I think) so that I couldn't get any view nor really hear any of the speeches.

Tried a few spots but nothing seemed to work so I headed for some warmth and relief.

I was struck throughout the march by some of the signs and chants. This one sign, carried by a young woman student, though was so poignant...... I had to record it.

Recording these passionate people, and especially the young students marching was an inspiration.

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