Thursday, March 22, 2018

Cherry trees in two cities

On Saturday, I went down to the waterfront to sketch the cherry trees with the Portland Urban Sketchers.  Unfortunately, they weren't out yet.  Not really.  There was a promise of pink, but the reality was of green and gray.   But the Steel Bridge was floating prettily above the trees.  So I did that scene, sneaking in the blossoms that I knew would soon show up.

Then I turned my attention to the people...

That afternoon, I took a train up to Seattle for a concert.  And the next morning, while walking through the UW campus to take light-rail back to the train station, I decided to detour through the quad, just in case those trees had popped.

And had they ever.  And just about everyone in the city had come by to take them in.  I sketched a small part of the scene (while overhearing a photographer complaining about how to deal with the crowds of people in his way).

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