Saturday, March 4, 2017

Sketching Inside; Waiting for Spring Weather

I was at Lan Su Gardens recently, too, but I was too cold to sketch outside. Even the hot tea didn't keep me warmed up for long.  

 Sketching the calligrapher's desk, I resisted the strong desire to go inside and use the materials. If there had been a coal brazier under the desk for keeping the feet warm, the temptation might have been too much.

Kennedy School was plenty warm and even had the smell of woodsmoke.

I'm eager for when it will be warm enough to sketch the lovely gardens at both of these places. 
Come on, Spring!


  1. These are wonderful sketches with so much detail!
    Keep warm Vicky~

  2. Vicky these sketches are charming. Nice job. I love the texture of the marks. And the fun groupings of things.