Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Goodbye, Katura!

Last weekend, we had a sketchcrawl at Tabor Bread to wish Katura and her family a happy move to the north. Thank you, Katura, for your time and effort as a blog administrator and for your help with the NW sketchcrawl a few years ago. We'll miss your cheerful outlook, your curiosity, your charming family and of course, your sketches. Your next urban sketching community will be lucky to have you and we know that you will be in good hands. Best wishes to you!


  1. So nice to see your Tabor Bread sketch. I like the division of text and sketch. Sorry to miss that outing but you have captured Katura and Magpie for us to remember them.

  2. Sorry I missed this, so Katura, if you read this...all the best to you.