Monday, November 28, 2016

3rd Saturday Sketch Crawl, December 17 - GOOSE HOLLOW

Saturday, December 17, Goose Hollow Sketch Crawl

We talked about going to the Oregon Rail Heritage Center - BUT - it doesn't open until 1pm.  In the interest of keeping our sketch crawls predictable, let's go to Goose Hollow's Fehrenbacher Hof & Goose Hollow Inn instead.  Hey, we haven't been there yet this year and it's like a second home to me, so cozy in winter and the people that work there are so nice and friendly.

10:00am -  Meet at Fehrenbacher Hof for snacks, coffee, and introductions.

10:30am - Sketch inside or out - nice old homes, view of Vista Bridge.

12:0pm - OPTIONAL- Meet at Goose Hollow Inn, 1927 SW Jefferson St, for lunch and sketchbook sharing.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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