Sunday, August 14, 2016


.I joined my husband on a business trip to Tacoma and then on to Seattle for two nights.
Here are a few quick sketches I did in Tacoma and about a half hour sketch in King Street Station waiting for our train back to Portland.
For those of you considering going to the sketch crawl in won't be disappointed. There is so much to sketch there! Fantastic architecture could keep you occupied for weeks.
I'm not able to attend but just wanted to report that it is a fun place to draw! 


  1. Such a nice collection of sketches, Linda. I like how you used different techniques/materials for each one. These will definitely inspire people to go to the sketch crawl.

  2. Thanks Vicky! It's fun to try different approaches. I hope it inspires sketchers to sketch Tacoma. You must post your UK sketches soon!

  3. Beautiful sketches. Both Union Station Tacoma and the King St. Station are challenging subjects. Thanks for the shout out for the West Coast Sketch Crawl this weekend in Tacoma. I've been sketching for 3 years with USk Tacoma and still haven't done all the interesting subjects in the downtown corridor!

  4. I need to try sketching partials of objects and buildings. I just have this compulsion to draw it all! Love the Union Station page as it really captures the building. All that's needed.

  5. Thanks MK and Mike. I have been doing partial sections of architecture mainly because of time constraints. I also love architectural details so why not focus on it? Give it a try!