Sunday, August 21, 2016

Tacoma- West Coast Sketchcrawl

Andrea and I journeyed by train to join several other Portland sketchers at the West Coast Urban Sketchers Sketchcrawl in Tacoma. We were there for just the day on Saturday but the West Coast Sketchcrawl is an all weekend event.

Many people up and down the coast (I also met a sketcher from Missouri!) gathered to sketch Tacoma on this hot but still comfortable in the shade Saturday. All of these sketches were made with a pointed search for shade and a good view....!
Bridge of Glass with glass trees.

Bridge of Glass and the Museum of Glass funnel

A sculpture installation at the Tacoma Art Museum called the Blanket Project and Old Union Station

Structure with steps leading down to the base of the Museum of Glass funnel

Bridge of Glass and Old Union Station

A couple of years ago I had traveled there with some other sketchers and knew what a wonderful place Tacoma was to sketch. Unfortunately with just one day of sketching it was not enough time to explore widely so I pretty much stuck to the area around the History Museum, Art Museum, Old Union Station and the Museum of Glass.
A wonderful day filled with sketching along with many sketchers to meet.


  1. Such wonderful sketches that really capture the area!!

  2. Thanks for the update! Wish I could have made it but was embroiled in moving my wife's mother into assisted living. I'd much rather have been in Tacoma!

  3. Thanks Kate. Wish I could have stayed the whole weekend but I had a great time on Saturday....thanks for all of your and the others efforts to put this West Coast sketchcrawl on!
    Sorry to hear about your mother in law Mike.