Tuesday, July 5, 2016

N.Williams and N.Fremont

Of all the new construction in our neighborhood this building stands out as a work of art in my opinion.
I enjoyed watching the progress on the construction and hats off to Holst Architecture for designing a beautiful building. I have been wanting to sketch this for some time.
On a clear sunny day I walked to the corner with my stool and supplies. I had almost finished the drawing when a fellow appeared from the corner grocery to advise me that this was a no loitering zone. I questioned this as there is a bus stop where I imagine passengers could be accused of loitering. Nope, that's the policy of the store owner. Now I know this shop has been there for many years and prior to New Seasons across the street.What threat could an over 65 lady sketcher pose?
I felt uncomfortable and soon packed my supplies and painted this at home from photos. The message in the window was installed after Orlando and appears to be hundreds of small squares of paper.


  1. Linda, you chose a terrific view of the building and you painted it beautifully! It's so light and fresh and inviting! It's too bad the storekeeper wasn't welcoming. Maybe next time, you could set up by the new building and sketch the corner grocery.

  2. Thanks Vicky! Good suggestion, too.

  3. Excellent sketch. Some of us in my local USK have joked that you're not a "REAL" Urban Sketcher until you've been kicked out of a place. So now you've got your USK street cred! It does seem ridiculous. Painting on location is not loitering. The dictionary definition of "loiter" is: to linger aimlessly or as if aimless in or about a place.