Saturday, July 16, 2016

Farmer's Market at PSU

Today I tried out a new marking instrument....a Konrad Brush pen from Noodler's.
I filled it only this morning with some purple Noodler's ink with the intention to try it out doing some people sketches. I have long admired other Portland sketchers people know who you are...and the PSU Farmer's Market is the place for people.
My thinking was that since I was heading out to the symposium in Manchester soon and there I would be taking challenging workshops that I would warm up with something challenging on home turf. OK, maybe not so well thought out.


 I think I liked working with the brush...but it will take some getting used to. The paper had a little drag on it and the fragmented line was kind of nice. More practice needed!

After sharing with everyone at PSU Smith Center I returned outside to sketch some more. This time I reverted back to my old standby ink and watercolor and tried to capture a little more of the produce.

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