Monday, June 27, 2016

I haven't posted here for awhile but since I just came to the last page in my sketchbook,  I thought I would post a few recent sketches before I consign them to the shelf.
This is the Ferry Terminal in San Francisco, drawn lightly in pencil, then the shadows added with a water brush filled with watered down ink--thanks for the tip, Deb, it was a great time-saver for this slow sketcher!
A foggy day at Yaquina Bay...hmmm sounds like a song, doesn't it?
This apartment building on Glisan is just one of the many beautiful historic brick buildings in Portland.
These old fire houses are another example of fine brick-work.  This one is transitioning into a residence.
Well, now its time to face the blank pages of a new sketchbook--I'd better get busy!

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