Thursday, May 12, 2016

Painted Gurls in the Alphabet District

We see these sweet homes on the way to our vet, and on walks.
They are no where near special enough to be saved when the bulldozers come,
which they will, and so very soon the
ugliest high rises in the world will be sitting here….
These are not grown up Painted Ladies,
they are teeny bungalows, so charming, a slice of history.
They probably started out identical to the center one,
with little trim applied and no fancy front porch.
Over time they were painted different colors,
one added a bigger porch, and two a LOT of trim…
But they kept the RED DOORS!  They’ve been repainted so the reds are
a bit different, ranging from orange-red to brick red, but they are all still red!

I am charmed, and would love to have one — I’d fight to save it when the bulldozers came, chain myself to the porch and make them drag me kicking and screaming into the street.  The stuff they are building here in NW Portland are not charming.

That one in the center will be our house,
with the clear red door and the prayer flags…

BTW, Thank you for comments in advance. 
FYI I read the blog and want to comment on other posts as well,
but there is a glitch and it won't allow me to comment.  It has been this way for months (probably because I don't have a blogger or gmail account),
and when I try to write you it won't take my email address either.
Doesn't ask me to verify and doesn't allow me to post though
I hit post when it refreshes, as if it is going to take my comment.

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