Sunday, July 13, 2014

Portrait Party

I had such a great time at our USk sketchcrawl this weekend, meeting and sketching with so many friendly and avid sketchers. I think I did more talking than sketching, but I have no regrets! Thank you all to my fellow sketchers for making it such a fun and inspiring event.

 Here are a few of the quick portraits I did at Ringlers during our portrait party.

On the day of the sketchcrawl, knowing that I was too restless to do a lot of detailed drawing, I started with color and added ink at the end. (This is a method I learned from Marina and Inma at last summer's symposium.) I don't know who was on the patio of the Historical Society, but I'm pretty sure it was a sketcher.

From my session at base camp, I got a partial sketch of the Lichtenstein sculpture.

I have more portraits and sketchcrawl sketches on my blog, if you're interested. 
Thanks again, everyone, for a wonderful time.
I'm already hoping I can make it to the next annual sketch crawl!


  1. These are great! And I love the ones on your blog, too. Clever technique to start with the color to keep it quick, too...

  2. Love these....the portraits are great. I think my favorite is the Lichtenstein. Such a nice iconic sculpture for Portland.