Sunday, June 29, 2014

Director Park and Drink and Draw

These big chess pieces are fun to draw.


The building under construction doesn't look that big when there's all these trees around.

This is a sketch from the Portland Art Museum 2nd floor.

I'm making my way through all the sculptures I can catch from sitting on a bench.  Forgot my stool - whoopsie.


  1. Love the dramatic shadows on the chess pieces, great subject for brown paper. And you're right about the scale of the cranes with all those trees!

  2. I agree with Katura. The chess pieces are very dramatic. I love all the textures in the Directors Square sketch, too.
    (btw, the art museum has stools you can borrow. They're usually under the stairs, near the restrooms.)

  3. Really??? Thanks for the tip on the stools, I had no idea.