Thursday, April 17, 2014

This week's sketching opportunities

We've been coordinating with our compatriots at Drink & Draw and are now working together to spread information about sketching opportunities to the widest possible audience. In that spirit, I'm going to do my best to post regularly to this blog about all known upcoming sketchcrawls and special sketching events in the area, including our own events, Drink & Draw, Dr. Sketchy, and more.

There's just one item on the sketching calendar this week...

Saturday, April 19
Zoo Sketch day, organized by Drink & Draw

I can't make it this time but have had a good time in the past... and yes, even in the cold and rain! There's lots of shelter at the Zoo.

If you know of more events going on this week for sketchers, especially events you may be attending yourself, please feel free to post about them in the comments!

Here's a sneak preview of the many sketching opportunities for next weekend...

Friday night, April 25: Drink & Draw Happy Hour Art Museum Sketchcrawl
Saturday, April 26: Drink & Draw Karaoke with ASIFA Portland
Sunday, April 27: Hipbone Studio Model Marathon
Sunday, April 27: Dr. Sketchy (theme not yet announced)

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  1. Kalina - thank you for posting all these events. Totally cool.