Sunday, December 15, 2013

More at Portlands Tuba Christmas

It was great to see other Portland sketchers at the Pioneer Courthouse Square to hear (and see) the Tubas.
We had initially a pretty good spot for viewing but it would have been better to be a little further down to have a better view of the whole Tuba ensemble.
Eventually more people arrived and we were 'forced' to sketch those other intrepid Portlanders around us. Most of my views were from behind....!
Tuba Christmas- ink with some watercolor pencils and some not

Other spectators- Lafayette Grey Noodlers ink in waterbrush

Umbrella Man with hand knitted sweater- ink and watercolor pencil


  1. I like how you've captured the chilly scene by showing the hats and hoods and furry clothes. My favorite is the Umbrella man in his festive finery. Sorry to have missed it.

  2. Love the umbrella man! I am glad someone gave him a sweater. Fun sketches,I like the ones with the grey ink.

  3. Thank you all....and yes, the Umbrella Man looked especially cold so it was super nice of those knitters to help him out!

  4. You deserve the Portland USK Winter Award for sketching in such weather as we've had lately, Deb. Great role model for the rest of us!

  5. Thanks Mike...Katura and Andrea should share that distinction too!