Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Some recent sketching-Portland and Astoria

The last couple of nice days I have been about town...and out in Astoria. The Schoolhouse Electric an
Supply is a place that I would like to explore a little more. Would like to do more in Astoria too but the NW Industrial area is just a bit closer to take advantage of the good weather!

Astoria Wharf- watercolor

Schoolhouse Electric in NW industrial area and Portland Hostel on Hawthorne- watercolor

And a few sketches from awhile back.

View from NW Fields Park and a Farm in Hillsboro- watercolor

Max Station at the Zoo- watercolor


  1. Deb, I recognize almost all of the places here (except the Hillsboro farmhouse). They're all very lovely and so evocative of the Northwest. When I look at these, I try to figure out how you did them, with the layers gradually adding on, completing the scene. It's your magic and it's very mysterious to me. I may just watch you paint next time we're out sketching.

  2. Gee. I could slit my wrists when I see sketches like this.

  3. Thank you both....nice that you can picture these places!
    But to be perfectly honest Vicky, if you watched what I did you would see how haphazard 'my method' really is. At this point it is a crap shoot whether it becomes something that illustrates the place. But the object is to keep trying isn't it?