Saturday, October 26, 2013

Ladd's Addition and Trees, also Drink & Draw at the Art Museum

Another great turn out at Palio's and Ladd's Addition.  Numerous people brought pictures and books about drawing trees.  The weather was cloudy but the trees in the Rose Circle Garden were glowing.

Two names kept turning up around me: Shari Blaukopf and Danny Gregory.

Questions arose about achieving inner peace through drawing.  I do know that I forget about anything else but what I'm looking at when I draw.  I think if I sit there long enough it becomes relaxing.

I spent too much time with the books people brought to sketch more than this.  I never quite made it outside.

These are sketches from last night's Drink and Draw meetup at the Art Museum free night (draw), followed by the Rogue Brewery (drink).


  1. Your tree sketch is a little gem--it really sparkles, too. I really like the monochrome sketches from the drink and draw, too--especially the portraits.
    So nice to see you yesterday, Andrea.

  2. Love that tree sketch! Sepia ink makes it feel that much more autumn-tastic. Sorry to have missed the chance to paw through books with the team...Glad so many folks had such fun though!