Thursday, November 29, 2012

Am I too early for the scavenger hunt?

Yay!  Okay, the scavenger hunt involves things I usually sketch anyway so that works pretty well for me :)  This is good motivation to keep it up and to start posting on here.

I just got laid off/put on furlough again :( so I'm devoting some free time to doing a sketch a day.

Maybe that one could count as someone drinking coffee - but you can't tell that's what they're doing.

This is Powell's bookstore, in the coffee shop.

This is Oaks Park roller skating rink.  I went roller skating, then sketched, then skated again. 

Here's a view from a window.  Blue Moon Mcmenamin's on NW 21st.  Also, trees with no leaves.

Another view through a window:  Goldrush Coffee Shop on NE MLK.

Coco's Donut Shop across from the Jeld Wen Field Max stop.  Note, donuts.

Courier Coffee Shop near Powell's City of Books.  Another view through a window.

Thanks for the motivation to post.  I will do more and join the official scavenger hunt at the appropriate time.  So excited!



  1. Andrea, I'm so glad you are posting here, because now I can look at your wonderful drawings again and again! I especially love the Elephant's Deli and Blue Moon sketches because they are such great compositions with empty space and lots of detail and textures in parts. They're all terrific. I think you're making very good use of your time:)

    1. Thank you so much Vicki! That really makes me feel good.

  2. hello Andrea. Love your use of clean lines and darks. With those simple elements you have achieved a great sense of space. Nice!

  3. Wow, Andrea! Love to see that you were already up and running on this scavenger hunt as soon as the list was posted! Well done. I am enchanted by your pen and ink technique in general, but I especially love the bicycle that's framed through the window/door--superb composition. Makes me eager to get to work on the scavenger hunt myself!