Monday, January 23, 2012

Portlandia Sketch Crawl

It had been a while since I'd been out with the crew, and it was nice to join up with the group this past Saturday. It was a fairly good turn out and it was great to check out what everyone's been sketching. I could look at everyone's sketchbooks for hours. Spent the morning dodging rain, and sketching inside Starbucks and around the World Trade Center. Finished the afternoon up with lunch at Seattle's Best while we tried diligently to capture a likeness of the Portlandia statue. I sketched out a version in pencil while my other sketches from the day are done using a Pentel Brush Pen and assorted Pitt Pens.
That bridge at The World Trade Center. My buildings need work.
Urban Tree

Sketching Linda sketching...
Portlandia in Pencil, may add color later.


  1. Really nice sketch of Linda with all the texture on her sweater. You made Portlandia prettier than the original:)

  2. I really enjoyed sketching Linda's sweater, all the different patterns, and between her robe and the top of her hair, I couldn't even really make out Portlandia. I just winged it.