Thursday, January 26, 2012

34th SketchCrawl

I didn't get much sketched at the SketchCrawl last Saturday and I wasn't pleased with most of what I did, but I really like to see other people's sketches, so I thought I better post a few myself. Here are some quick sketches of a few of the other sketchers. There are a few double exposures; Mary really didn't have a feather in her hat.

Even when the sketches aren't very satisfying, it's always fun to go out with the group and see what others are drawing.


  1. Vicki, I think your sketches are quite good, particularly the one of Marco. I bet if you look at them again in a couple of weeks, you'll like them. Sometimes it just takes a bit of objectivity!

  2. I agree with Janene--these are sketchy, but they catch a lot of great gestures and personality with just a few lines.

    I'm also delighted that you caught the detail of the stars on my socks. Must remember to wear fun socks to the next sketchcrawl as well!