Saturday, October 22, 2011

Algorithmic Walk around 23rd

Last Wedneday I met up with Linda D and Vicky to try out the algorithmic walk that Colin had mentioned in a previous post as something interesting to do... The photos below are in reverse order (sorry something that I thought I had figured out but the blogger seems to have taken over). I started at Starbucks on 23rd and Hoyt ...the map below shows where I was and what direction the drawing was in relation to it.
I limited the drawings to 15 minutes and then followed the Algorithmic formula...first right, second right, second right, and repeat....
This is something I will do again. It's an exercise and a discipline that gets me out there to draw!


  1. Deb, thanks for organizing this fun walk/sketch. I'll post sketches after I add some color to them. Yours have gorgeous contrast and your wonderful compositions. My favorites are your sketches of Johnson St. where the houses are tucked behind the trees. That's where I found you,too, tucked away sketching.

  2. Great idea. Great sketches. Just got home from a walk there. Beautiful at twilight.

  3. these sketches are great! i especially like the last one on the bottom right. great contrast. i'm just curious as to what an algorithmic walk is.

  4. The Algorithmic walk is from a starting point a 'first right', then a 'second right', then another 'second right' and then repeat....that's about all I know but you can ask Colin for more particulars. He may have some background and extra info etc.