Monday, July 11, 2011

Trek in the Park, Star trek episode 'Mirror, Mirror'

Had a great time at Trek in the Park!

When I arrived around 2:00 I was surprised to see how many people were already set up and seated around the amphitheater .

I found Kalina across the way though settled in a prime spot for viewing. This guy close by brought out a special Dr Who cake to celebrate his birthday (that day). The excitement was evident, everyone came prepared to have fun and enjoy...even if they had to be there hours before the main event. And the Atomic Arts group delivered a funny, clever and entertaining Star Trek episode Mirror, Mirror. A great day!

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  1. Nice. I was at Sunriver last week with family and did a lot of people sketching. I like the value technique you are using. Sometimes I allow myself to be intimidated about trying new methods, but seeing your work encourages me!