Saturday, July 23, 2011

July 23 Sketchcrawl in North Portland

I joined a group of Portland Urban Sketches to take advantage of a rare sunny day and revisit the neighborhood near the White Eagle Saloon.

This neighborhood is sort of being gentrified but it's adjacent to freeway overpasses and rail yards that make it noisy and a brewery, which makes it smelly.

It was fun to see everyone and enjoy a day drawing in the sun.


  1. Bill always love it when your posts show up here. They are far to infrequent.

  2. Awesome paintings. I especially like that second one. That building is handled skillfully.

  3. These are great, Bill. I'm always impressed by how you take a less than beautiful setting and turn it into an amazingly compelling painting. And I had a wonderful wander through your blog looking at terrific landscapes and still lifes.