Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tall Ships, two days

These are the result of two days sketching the tall ships 'Lady Washington' & 'Hawaiian Chieftain'. The first on a beautiful day last Saturday in St Helens and yesterday between rain storms at the Vancouver dock.

Linda was in Vancouver too and after looking at some of her detailes of the ships I was encouraged to do some also.


  1. Excellent!!! The full ship sketch with the Tia-style background is wonderful. I'm so glad you and Linda made it out! In between the sudden bursts of pouring rain, the weather did sometimes seem quiet nice :-)

  2. Thanks Kalina.
    When I got to the dock it had just started to rain so I headed to Starbucks to wait it out and then it was fine except for a little wind. The aspect of the ships was not good in Vancouver. The view from above of the Hawaiian Chieftain was almost completely covered by the gangplank to board it. So glad we had that beautiful day in St Helens!

  3. Deb, These are just gorgeous! I am so impressed. However did you draw in all of that rigging!? I agree with Kalina, the background is really great!

  4. Thank Janene. It was a little like the Hollywood Theater....I would lose my way sometime but then again "who's to know if I got it all right or not!" Sometimes these things look better when not examined too closely.