Monday, April 18, 2011

Mt Tabor reservoir and Stumpton Comic Fest

Mt Tabor reservoir offered some architecturally interesting buildings and great views of Portland skyline on this cloudy and cool morning. But it became increasingly cooler and it was good to get to lunch at Caldera.

After lunch Alanna, Kalina and I moved to the Convention Center and the Stumptown Comic Fest.

It was great to see all of the artwork and talk to some of the 'tablers'.

At 3:00 we joined a good sized group in room 105 to participate in 'Dr Sketchy's Anti Art School' What fun! There was a 'goon' and two 'dolls' (or 'molls'?). I couldn't stay for the full session so missed the longer poses but it was great fun to draw these real life action figures!


  1. Looks like I missed some opportunities to practice gesture drawings.

  2. All you got accomplished looks really great!