Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Presidents Day sketching

I had a birds eye view of the Eco Trust parking lot from the nice roof top patio. My first 'warm up ' drawing didn't make the cut but this one seemed to be OK.

After lunch four of us traveled over to Cargo, a shop on 13th and Flanders (?) I had never been there before and Colin is right when he says it is close to sensory overload. I finally picked out these very obliging models. A fun place to draw! Vicky said that the guy on the left had a different hat when she visited Cargo before...I wonder if the 'birthday' hat was to comemorate Presidents Day?


  1. Nice job on these Deb. Couldn't resist clicking on the bottom image to enlarge. The guy with the red party hat takes the (birthday) cake!

  2. This is another terrific collection of sketches! I especially like the top one, partly because it's such an unusual view and also because you've shown that you can take something common like a parking lot and turn it into a satisfying piece. (I need to remember this when I'm looking for something "inspiring.") Nice addition of red to the Presidents' Day hat!