Monday, May 17, 2010

World-wide Sketchcrawl

Our Portland sketchcrawl group had a beautiful sunny day for the Worldwide Sketchcrawl on Saturday.  We had twelve people participating--the most ever!  I sat with several others on the pedestrian/bike path on the Morrison bridge and did this sketch of downtown.  I started getting a serious sunburn and could only stay for part of the day anyway, so after getting a start on my sketch, I took a photo and finished it later.  My goal at future sketchcrawls is to take more of a 'quick sketch' approach but I did have fun with the interesting facades of these historic buildings surrounded by modern 'boxes'.

In the photo, Kalina, Alanna and Deb are sketching away.  It was a very fun day and the participants were most enjoyable to sketch with!


  1. Looks good! I love how several of us got that lovely red building, but it has an entirely different feel everywhere you see it.

    The red building is actually the Dekum Building, and is the same one that's right across from the cafe, that I sketched (with blocky stone at the bottom) in my street scene.
    Here's some basic info about it: Dekum Building on wikipedia

    "During construction, masons reportedly consumed beer instead of the usual coffee."

    Also Cafe Unknown (an excellent blog about Portland's architectural history) does a story about the Romanesque style and has a couple of shots of the Dekum Building specifically Portland Romanesque

  2. Geminica, Thanks for all of this information! I tried to find out more about the building but was unsuccessful so I really appreciate these links. Cafe Unknown is a wealth of info. It is interesting how different the various sketches of the same building turned out.

  3. Beautiful, Janene. Nice atmospheric perspective.