Sunday, March 24, 2019

Another Attempt at Cherry Blossoms

They were starting, although they're still far from full flush.  But it was way too nice a day not to try them again.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

The scavenger hunt continues

It was so sunny and beautiful last Wednesday that I headed for the Oregon Zoo via the max train since Max station artwork was on the list. It was cold down there so I went up to the Zoo first. When I got to the aviary for some bird practice I looked up at a few bird bellies sitting on the trees. Ali did enlarge her definition of faces to include animals and inanimate objects so I figured if I could get the in eyes those birds would qualify as faces from below.

The tortoises came lumbering out into the sun. They move faster than I expected. One came over to the fence where I was standing and I managed a quick gesture as it walked by. I had to finish it from memory and piecing together information from other angles.

The artwork at the Washington Park Station, both above and below, was a collaborative effort between the Westside  Design Team and the architects. It's 260 feet below the surface and much colder than the air above. There are images etched into the walls, on the elevator doors and in 24 light boxes. All the images are of plants, animals humans and natural phenomena represented across time. The color was done at home.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Sketchcrawl and scavenger items

I’m so glad to have joined or USKPDX group this past Saturday. Finally some sun! My first sketch was a bit fussy of the steel bridge. As others have said, no blossoms yet this year.
Then I had just enough time to capture some Sketchers to my right. 
The third figure from the left is supposed to be Kay. I peeked over her shoulder to see her gorgeous sketch in white ink on a dark surface- aha, a scavenger hunt item. 
This sparked a need to sketch more for the game! 
Last week I did my local Happy Valley Library before the good weather came.
This evening I sketched my son’s face from underneath as he typed a paper for school.
Finally, I polished off the evening with an oatmeal date bar. Only the napkin remained and the stained rings in the mug that used to contain hot chocolate. I think I added 3, right Ali?
When I turned the page over I realized the marker bled through the back of the page. I decided to use that image to paint over it in gouache.

No Cherry Blossoms

Met up with a bunch of sketchers before our March sketchcrawl.  Including Becca, who'd brought her little one.
Unfortunately, when we crossed over to the waterfront, we found not the faintest blush of blossom on the cherry trees.  Which left me free to attack the Steel and Burnside bridges.

After the throw-down and lunch, Deb and I visited Lan Su Garden. It was warm in the sun, but the water in the pond was still pretty cold.  I took advantage of the sluggishness of the koi to sketch them.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

3RD SAT. APRIL 20 SKETCH CRAWL - Hawthorne Bridge, from OMSI

April 20 - Hawthorne Bridge, from OMSI

Let's sketch the Hawthorne Bridge from OMSI!!!
image credit: Mark Hansen
  • 10:00am - Meet at Lugano's Coffee Express (1515 SE Water Ave, Portland, OR 97214) for coffee, snacks, and socializing.
  • 10:30am - Sketch the Hawthorne Bridge from 10-noon from above or below.
  • 12:00noon - Sketchbook throwdown, location tbd.
  • 12:15pm - Optional lunch and sketchbook sharing at Boke Bowl (1028 SE Water Ave.) 
May 18 - Crystal Springs / Rhododendron Garden
Details TBD

Winter is no longer here!

But spring is late. I knew the cherry blossoms were not out yet so I decided to prepare a darker blue ground and draw the bare trees at Waterfront Park to cross another scavenger item off the list. Although the blue and white makes it look chilly it was a beautiful day in the company of lots of fellow sketchers. And I got some freeway bridges in the background.

super sketching day...spring is on the way!

We had a wonderful gathering for our March sketchcrawl at the Japanese Memorial Cherry Blossom trees. No Cherry trees were actually in bloom yet but we had great sunny weather to sketch the scene that included both the Burnside and Steel Bridges and along the waterfront.

Our group....apologize for the spot in the lower left that partially obscures sketcher Ellie. There was a glare on the screen so I din't notice it until later.

Here are some random sketches showing bridges and across the river views. Please comment if your sketch is shown here. I didn't get everyone's name to give proper credit...thanks.

My contribution was a sketch of Burnside bridge and then wanting to put some color down  I turned to a pillow vendor at the busy Saturday Market.

After lunch at the market I spent some time with Ali at the Lan Su Chinese Garden.....

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Show of Jo Reimer's collage at Village Gallery

While it's too late to attend my reception it's not to late to see my collage work at The Village Gallery in Cedar Mill. The show comes down on March 28 (not the 30th as on the show card) but until then the gallery is open daily except Monday from 10-4. 

I'll be serving desk duty at the gallery on the afternoon of the 23rd so come then if you want me to tell you about making the pieces in the show which represents the 12 main colors of the standard color wheel.

"RED"  12 x 12 collage on canvas

"ORANGE with blue green"  12 x 12. Collage on canvas. Jo Reimer

Monday, March 11, 2019

Not a Bridge.... Yet

The section of the Wildwood Trail that crosses Burnside is set to be closed later this month, so they can start building the piers that the bridge is going to rest on.  I decided to head up the trail one last time before that happens to get a 'before' sketch in.

This woman showed up soon after I did. She looked left, and then right, swiveling back and forth until she saw an opportunity to run to my side of the road.  At least a dozen more people made the mad dash across while I was sketching.  And sometimes drivers, bless their hearts, would stop to let the hikers cross.