Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The Portland Zoo

It's been an awfully long time since I've been to the zoo. It was a cold, windy and sunny day. There was a lot of construction but some of the old familiar exhibits were there. I kept it simple. I sometimes forget how much I enjoy a plain old pencil.

 That crocodile stayed still forever! Maybe he was taking an afternoon nap.

Bridge over Balch Creek

The middle one on the Lower Macleay Trail.  The one that spans the waterfall.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

2019 Urban Sketching Workshops in Portland

Exciting news! New 2019 Urban Sketching Workshops in Portland (also known as 10x10) are here. Check out new topics, packages and locations! We will kick things off with a free Introduction to Urban Sketching and cover a lot of territory from there. Get your sketchbooks ready–it is going to be a great year.   
For more information and to register visit http://www.portlandsketcher.com/p/workshops.html

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Fremont Bridge

I ran out of my preferred breakfast tea in the morning.  And decided to run down to the shop where I buy it in the morning, before the rain that was supposed to show up around noon.  And, seeing how the shop is down on Thurman, not far from the Fremont Bridge, I took my tablet and sat down on the steps of the Montessori school to do a sketch.

Friday, January 4, 2019

Lan Su Garden

Yet another bridge.  This one with dozing koi.

Oregon Zoo

It's a view from a bridge.  Specifically, the bridge over the elephant enclosure.

I hadn't been to the zoo in years, and I like the new elephant habitat.  It's much larger than before, and with dirt or sand underfoot instead of concrete.   It's designed to keep the elephants more active and mobile.

And they did keep moving, albeit slowly.  I started to sketch one elephant at a feeding station, and then another came up and nudged her out of the way.  So my composition kept changing.  They both left before I was done and I had to complete the lines from memory, and put in shadows wherever I thought they belonged.

More from the day at:

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Balch Gulch Bridge

I took a walk up into the woods, seeing how it was so nice, taking my big tablet so as to get a sketch of one of the bridges, seeing how this is the 'year of the bridge'.  But the trail was super crowded, as everyone was taking advantage of the good weather on a holiday to go hiking in the woods.  And it was freezing cold next to Balch Creek.  I took the shortest clockwise loop and then walked home over the Balch Gulch Bridge. Three (or maybe four) mountains were hazily visible.  I thought that I could see Rainier, but it might have just been a cloud on the horizon.  And I saw Mt Hood, for the first time from the bridge.  It must be hidden by the leaves on the trees for most of the year.

I walked down to the end of the bridge, and did a sketch of the finial that they added when they rebuilt the bridge.

New Year's Eve

To celebrate New Year's Eve I walked to Good Sam, and then spent the last night of 2018 riding the rails, bouncing between four different streetcars and four different MAX trains, sketching.  This year, people were subdued and not partying on the trains.  Some were on their way to parties - they were carrying guitars or wearing party hats, and some women had no coats (and it was 37 out!) - but none were talkative and very few seemed to be very happy.  Most simply fiddled with their phones.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Seattle Public Library

I'd gone to Seattle for a concert, and delayed my return so that I could also attend a sketchcrawl there, at the downtown library.  While most people stayed inside the library to sketch either the interior or the views of the city through those diamond-shaped windows, I retreated to a coffee shop across the street, and worked on the view outside the window, tackling the strange perspective of the exterior of the library.

Sketchcrawl in Beaverton

I found a dry place to sit in the center of the court and did a sketch of the carts in the opposite corner, with the city hall looming behind them.

By the time I'd finished that I was chilled, so I retreated to a heated porch, sitting behind a line of sketchers perched on bar stools.

And one bonus sketch, of one of the stuffed animals in the Christmas display at Union Station.