Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Last Days of Summer

Holding on to summer.  It was a hot day this weekend at the Art Carts.

Random pause at Pioneer Courthouse Square, practicing people (drawing) skills.  It attracted attention, 2 of my subjects wanted to see this and one wanted a picture of it.

I had the good fortune to get to go to a cabin and swimming hole last weekend.  Hold on to summer as long you can!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Director Park

A few of us met up to sketch that crane again.  But the top of the crane didn't make it into this sketch.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

9/20/2014, 3rd Sat. Sketchcrawl - South Waterfront + other upcoming sketchcrawls

Next Sketchcrawl: Saturday, September 20. Let's crawl South Waterfront!
  • 9:30 am: Meet at Bean and Tree for coffee and snacks: 0315 Montgomery St., Portland.
  • 10 am: Sketch boats, bridges, buildings, plants, dogs, the river, and/or people on the South Waterfront.
  • 12 noon: Optional sketchbook sharing and lunch: Thirst Bistro - 0315 SW Montgomery Street #340, Portland.
October Sketchcrawl:  PSU
Saturday, October 18.  Let's enjoy the beautiful fall colors at PSU!
  • 9:30 am: Meet at Revolucion Coffee for coffee and/or tea: 1432 SW 6th, Portland.
  • 10 am: Sketch the farmer's market, Walk of the Heroines, libraries, musicians, dogs, people, flowers, and/or coffee.
  • 12 noon: Optional sketchbook sharing - if the weather is good, pick up lunch from the farmer's market and meet at the Walk of the Heroines (SW Montgomery and SW 11th).  If the weather is bad, let's still pick up lunch and meet inside the Smith Student Center cafeteria area, between SW Montgomery & SW Harrison on SW Park, just below grade level.
November Sketchcrawl: Lumberyard Indoor BMX Rink
Saturday, November 15
Details will be forthcoming.

December Sketchcrawl: Downtown Central Library
Saturday, December 13
I propose we do December on the 2nd Saturday to avoid the holiday crush - and also because I might be gone on Dec. 20.
  • 9:30 am: Meet at Case Study Coffee for coffee and/or snacks: 802 SW 10th.
  • 10 am: Sketch the Central Public Library, inside or out, whatever suits you: 801 SW 10th.
  • 12 noon: Optional sketchbook sharing and lunch - Kale (Japanese comfort food, very simple menu): 900 SW Morrison.

Vegetables All over the Place!

I am a little shy to post again when no one else has filled up this space. But here I am anyway.

These are a couple of quick ones done last week. I am trying to train myself to be quicker, looser, and to evoke a sense of the thing without dwelling in fussiness. Next month we will be in Europe for a couple of weeks, and I know the sketches I do will have to be made on a time budget. I'm hoping to be competent enough to feel some pleasure in the drawings I bring back.

This is Spicer's produce market in Oregon City:

 And this one (inspired perhaps by the wonders of a produce market) is the gathering basket from the kitchen garden at home.

Both: ink and watercolor. (I love my little Micron pen!)

Monday, September 1, 2014

The View from KQAC

Here is one more, just to prove I do get into Portland now and then. We did the tour of the new KQAC studios in the building they now share with the Portland Opera. They have fantastic views of the river, and of the new Tillicum Bridge, still under construction. I did a quick view of a man in a little wheeled cart suspended next to one of the large concrete things (pylons?).

Sepia micron (that was actually a mistake; I grabbed a pen from the box when I left the house, and it turned out to be sepia), watercolor, and a little white ink.


Friday, August 29, 2014

Historic Homes in Oregon City

It's been quite a while since I've been able to join you on a Saturday. I've so enjoyed seeing the posts of your work, though. Thought I would share a couple of things I've been doing, even though I haven't been with you all.

These are two of the historic houses in Oregon City, Dr. John McLoughlin's house on the bottom, and the Dr. Forbes Barclay house above. Both are managed by the Park Service now, as part of the Fort Vancouver interpretive site, and are open for tours:

These are Micron pen and colored pencil, with some white Signo pigment ink.

Being on a toot for historical houses, I stopped outside the Ermatinger House one afternoon. I was short on time and didn't have a sketchbook with me, but did have a Micron, so did these loose ones on a piece of manila envelope. Ermatinger is undergoing restoration, and is presently up in the air awaiting installation of a new foundation.

At its original location near the waterfront in Oregon City, this is the house where, in 1845, Asa Lovejoy and Francis Pettygrove tossed the fabled coin that decided the name of Portland, Oregon. Several moves over the generations have left the house unstable, hence its current surgeries. When it's put back together, I imagine it will have its flat-roofed front porch, columns and railings restored.


Sketching at the 'Fields' in NW Portland

Am trying to get out as much as possible to sketch and squash down those feelings of envy viewing the posts from Paraty (usk symposium in Brazil)....Vicky and I met at the Fields in the Pearl for a morning of sketchng.
It is a great spot with all of the construction going on and those ubiquitous cranes in the air...love it!

Watercolor and non waterproof ink

playing around with this split panoramic view- watercolor and non waterproof ink
 Not sure what Vicky meant about comparing the scenes since we all know that no two sketchers ever do the same scene alike! And that is the fun of it.

 The next day I was in Portland again. Checked out the setting up at the Art in the Pearl and did a couple of sketches around there.

watercolor and non waterproof ink

Non waterproof ink and waterbrush

There are a couple more sketches from these two days on my blog.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Going Back to the Fields

Last week, I sketched again at the Fields park in NW Portland, starting with paint. I didn't finish it, so I returned today to finish the painting and to add the ink. I think I was sitting in a spot that was nearly the same as last week, but the weather, the sun, the cranes, the sky and my perception had all changed in a week. It felt kind of like solving a puzzle to try to finish what I was seeing last week. I ended up taking lots of liberties and changing some things  significantly. I hadn't realized how hard it was to return to the scene.

When Deb posts her sketches from today, you are likely to notice that many things are different from what you see here. Don't look too closely!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Portland 23 Year Ago - THE END

This last group of sketches completes the 360 degree panorama.  I want to thank everyone for their comments, they were encouraging.  Some of you suggested doing the series again, I would like to repeat the exercise 23 years later, it's on my list of things to do in retirement.  The challenge will be getting access to the Irvington Street Loft's roof deck once again, let me know if you have any ideas on how to do this.  I want to especially thank Vicky for her lessons on how to post sketches.
I posted these on my Facebook page, but since many of you did not see these, here they are...sample pages from the week my wife and I took our two youngest grandchildren to the beach (Neskowin) earlier in the month.  It's been said that we should choose subjects that inspire us, so in this case, I certainly did!  Done on a Moleskine 9X12 WC sketchbook.