Saturday, May 18, 2019

May 18 2019 Melanoma Symposium at the south waterfront

After I said hi to everyone, I went back in for more talks. I had more fun sketching than taking notes. So I went with it. I am afraid none of my notes are complete... Oh well

While waiting for the bus home, I noticed the fellow sitting next to me was sketching. He might join us some Saturday. We got on the same bus and did some fast sketching....

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Cinco de Mayo and the train

What a great day of sketching! Thanks for making me feel so welcome Deb, Ellie, and Ali. Because I rode the bus/train up from Albany, I decided to capture the story of my whole day. I used different tools and techniques and my secondary goal was to fill my accordion sketchbook. Here are some excerpts:


Then, after sketching at a bar (Bailey’s Taproom), I got on the 6pm train to head south, and that’s when the fun began. I not only filled both sides of my sketchbook, but filled in both sides of a second book I had with me. I call it ‘take a line for a walk’. It’s speed sketching at it’s best. And I’m not typically a fast sketcher.

I added color at home.I had completely worn out my hands while sketching. A great day and will take the train again! 

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

PSU Farmers Market

This probably doesn't look like a sketch by me. At the PSU Farmers Market I ran into Amy. I admired her sketch and asked the familiar question: "What pen did you use?" Of course, I'm always looking for the magic pen, but I knew if wasn't the brush pen that she used. I have never mastered that. Still, I stole the idea of using some dark darks and added the contrast with a marker. That's why it doesn't look like a sketch by me.

Monday, May 6, 2019

Cinco de Mayo Festival

It was a beautiful day. The Cinco de Mayo Festival was very overwhelming. I found a shaded area near a big tree and lots of games and infront of the Kamikaze.
It was so noisy, but I sketched away.   

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Cinco de Mayo Festival sketching

What a challenge!
I met with Ellie, Ali, and Lauren from Corvallis to tackle the crowds and activities down at the waterfront today.
It was a little overwhelming but also colorful and exciting...... so many choices to sketch. However I chose to pick my sketch views based on the criteria of wanting to be in the shade.

This shady alley of fun games came with the cries of the Carneys and an occasional pop of a balloon or clang against at metal backdrop when the target was missed. Saw a few people take home some prizes though.

 When we gathered to share our sketches Lauren commented that I had not put any people in the above sketch.....oh, how easy it is to out me!
So, after a hearty Mexican lunch I attacked another carnival view with a few 'sketchy' people!

Another view of the carnival activity.....with people. Hardly representative of the crowds however.

A nice day to sketch with some of our regular sketchers and to meet Lauren.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Scavenger Hunt Tally

And the winner is.... Andrea.

She was the only person (unless I missed some postings) to have completed all 15 sketches.

Others came close though.  Ellie and Kay both did 13 sketches.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Scavenger hunt, American Inn

Squeezed this one in while the sun was setting.

Urban Sketching Workshop on Perspective with Jason Roberts on May 11

The next Urban Sketching workshop “Let’s Put It in Perspective: How to Accurately Represent Structures in Space” is on May 11 at 10:00am. If you ready to tackle architecture and street scenes in your sketches but feel intimidated by perspective this workshop is for you. If you already draw a lot of structures but despite your best intentions the result is a bit wonky this workshop is for you. If you need a refresher ahead of summer travel and sketching outdoors this workshop is for you. Jason Roberts, an architect by training and a long time urban sketcher will lead you through the series of steps to whip your architectural drawings into shape. We still have a couple of spots open. To register

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Sellwood Bridge

This was actually the first time I'd seen the new bridge.  I started out on the east side, but couldn't find a good vantage point.  So I crossed the bridge and did this from the ped/bike ramp on the west side.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Scavenger Hunt #10_ Ink drawing no pencil

I often use ink without pencil.. Here are a few that I have not posted.
I think the only thing left is the Art at a Max Station!