Saturday, July 15, 2017

July Sketchcrawl

I eyed Tilikum Bridge for a bit, but ended up walking around to the side of the OHSU building to try my hand at a bit of the messy construction going on next door.
And then, with just a little time left before the throw-down, did a quicky of the sculpture in front of the building.

A Beautiful Day for Sketching at Tilikum Crossing

We had a good turnout for today's sketch crawl, with 19 people, by my count.  There's a lot to draw in this area and the diversity of sketches reflects that. It's always so fun to see the variety of techniques, materials, and viewpoints when we share our sketches. I always get new ideas with the 'throw-down."

Notice Julie's extra tiny palette in the photo above.

Here's my sketch from before lunch...

and a grid of sketches from the afternoon.

Thanks for showing up, everyone!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Yet more storm recovery

When my catalpa fell over in January's snowstorm, it busted a chunk of my sidewalk.  After a months-long delay, the people that I contracted to fix it finally started to work on it.
This was just the first step, breaking up the broken slab and hauling it off, and building forms for pouring the new slab.  Now we have to wait for an inspection before pouring concrete.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The People You Meet

Recently, Deb and I sketched the PSU Native American Center and a couple asked for a photo of us and our sketches. We chatted and Jason told us that China was famous for T'ai Chi, Kung Fu, and calligraphy. He also told me that he could paint shrimp, so of course, I asked him to paint some in my sketchbook. The dagger brush wasn't the best for it, but he made a valiant attempt and we were delighted with the result.

Here's my sketch of the center. It's a really fascinating building with influences of several different tribes. It's tricky to get a view of the whole place, so this is one corner, with a modern totem structure that features our beloved salmon.