Blog Correspondents

Become a Blog correspondent!
1. Accept the Urban Sketchers Mission and Manifesto.
2. Participate regularly in Urban Sketchers Portland sketch outings.
3. Be willing to post your sketches (done on location)  regularly to the blog.
4. Contact for information on joining the blog!

Alanna Randall Beckwith (Admin)

Andrea Matthews (Admin)

Angelika Butz  

Anne Henderson  

Anne Timmons

Anthony Noble  

Bill sharp

Carrie Holst  

Celeste Bergin


Deb Rossi

Don Welty

Erica Boulay

Janene Walkky

Jenifer DeKalb

Kalina Wilson (Admin)

Karlene Lusby  

Kate Powell 

Katura Reynolds (Admin)  


Linda Daily

Linda Engstrom

Lindy Rutherford


Marco Serido

Marianne Ryder

Mike Porter

Pascale Steig  

Rita Sabler


Vicky Porter

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