Monday, January 1, 2024

Lower East Burnside - rescheduled to January 27

We'd planned to do this on January 20, but repeated ice storms intervened. Hence, we've postponed the sketchcrawl to January 27.
Everything else remains the same.

We were thinking of just going to Hippo Hardware, which is chock-full of interesting things to sketch.  But there's also some great architecture, old and new, in the neighborhood, and a series of arcades to keep us out of the rain.  So you get to pick whether to be inside or out.

Grendel's Coffee House, at Burnside and 8th, is a good place to fuel up, but is a tad too small to meet up in.  So we'll meet under the arcade across the street.

  • 10am - Meet in front of Le Pigeon, at E Burnside and SE 8th
  • noon - Meet again, nearby, at a place TBD, for an optional throwdown.

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