Sunday, May 28, 2023

June sketchcrawl - Peninsula Park

sketch by Katherine Geis

For our June 17 sketchcrawl, let's meet at Peninsula Park at 700 N Rosa Parks Way. There are some terrific historical buildings in the park, a rose garden with a gazing pond, and it's surrounded by a neighborhood with lovely old homes.

Coffeehouse Five is about a five minute walk away at 740 N. Killingsworth. They have a restroom, and there's also one in the park near the playground.

  • 10 AM:  Meet at the gazebo in front of the rose garden for introductions.
  • Noon: Meet back at the gazebo for an optional sketchbook throwdown.

Also, a reminder about our July sketchcrawl: We've changed the date from the third Saturday to the fourth, July 22, for July only. The reason is that a bunch of us are going to SketcherFest in Edmonds, WA the weekend of July 15. Find out more about that at if you're interested, and we'll see you July 22!


  1. Beautiful! Brings back memories of Portland! I remember that particular park being such a pretty place.

  2. I picked up a “Mesh Tri-leg Chair” left behind at the rose garden today. If it's yours DM me through FB Messenger. You'll find me in the Urban Sketcher Facebook group.