Sunday, January 8, 2023

January 21 Sketchcrawl - Lloyd Center

We went to the Lloyd Center about a year ago, when it was about to be foreclosed, and, we thought, redeveloped, so we could see it one last time.  But it's still with us!  So let's meet there again, to celebrate things that have come back from the dead.

Kay French, November 2021

Most of the stores are gone, but the skating rink is still operating, with classes still going on.  So there will be kids to sketch, if no shoppers.  Lots of architecture and empty parking garages.  And, if push comes to shove, each other.

There's no longer any place to buy coffee inside Lloyd Center, at least not at 10am.  But there are a few places nearby, on Broadway.  

There'll be plenty of parking in the garages.  And plenty of access through bus, MAX or streetcar nearby.

  • 10am - Meet at the base of the circular stairway, to the west of the skating rink, just inside the entrance that is closest to Holladay Park.
  • Noon - Gather at the same place for an optional throwdown.

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