Wednesday, June 1, 2022

June SketchCrawl - Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden, June 18

Sketch by Kalina Wilson

This month we will be returning to Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden! The garden offers beautiful landscaping, a lake, bridges/walkways, ducks and geese, and plenty of people. It'll be a lovely sketchcrawl, very much worth the effort to get there.

The challenge is that there's extremely limited parking (not even enough for our group alone) and no neighboring coffee house, so we are asking participants to find alternate transportation and take care of their beverage/breakfast needs before arrival. (They do have restrooms though.)

The closest bus line is TriMet Line 19, which can be transferred to from MAX Orange Line.


  • Please find a way to avoid parking at the venue! Bus, Rideshare (Uber/Lyft), bike, park in the neighborhood and walk in, or coordinate rideshare in our email list.
  • Entrance fee is $5.00
  • NOTE early meeting time -- I'd like the bulk of us to get inside at 10am so we can find a good space to talk and disperse, to avoid blocking up the entrance area. But if you arrive after 10am, please come on through and find us.
  • Take care of any food/drink needs early since there's nothing on site


Saturday, June 18

9:45am: Gather at the garden entrance
10:00am: Enter the gardens ($5 fee).
10:15am: Intros just inside the entrance -- we will be easy to find.
12:00pm: Sketchbook throwdown at same location

Sketch by Deb Rossi
Sketch by Deb Rossi

I look forward to seeing you at the Garden!

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