Saturday, November 6, 2021

November Sketchcrawl - one last time at Lloyd Center, 11/20

Our last sketchcrawl before the pandemic shut us down was at the Lloyd Center.  Let's go there again for its swan song, before it's closed and turned into whatever dying malls become.

Kay French, Feb 2020

Even more stores have left the mall in the past year and a half, but the ice skating lessons are still scheduled, so there should be kids to sketch, even if shoppers are scarce.  And those up for a real challenge can do a one-point perspective of one of the arms of the mall.

Capitalism, CC BY 3.0
The Starbucks that we met at last time is closed now, but google tells me that there are other places to get caffeine nearby.  So let's have everyone manage their own beverage and meet at the SW entrance - the one with the pile of coins (inside or out, depending on the weather).

Saturday, November 20
Lloyd Center Mall -- SW Corner entrance near Capitalism statue

10am: Intros, then sketching
12pm: Gather at same location for sketchbook "throwdown"

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