Saturday, September 19, 2020

Virtual Sketchcrawl - sketching in a grid.


Back in the spring, I sketched the view out my bedroom window, newly replanted after the oak disaster this winter.  I salvaged some chunks of the pine trunks to set up a seating area, thinking it would a good place to sit and have tea on summer afternoons.

But it turned out to be Aramis' most favorite spot in the yard, and he demand to go out to visit it several times each day.  I'd sit and read, while he lounged, basking his old bones in the the sun.  I transplanted one of his catmint plants there to make it smell good for him, and planted some oat grass to give him something to nibble on.

Sadly, I lost him in August, and buried him under his catmint.  He'd lived with me for over 21 years and was an extraordinary cat, so I've got no complaints.  But I do miss him.