Monday, June 1, 2020

Embody the Art You Love - Art Nouveau

Inspired by Art Nouveau, Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh: Queen of Spades. This may not quite be considered Urban Sketching. It is my mom's face from a zoom call, and roses sketched on location. Acrylic paint. Next I want to get some sparkly metallic gold and silver paint.
Spending a lot of time on zoom calls, I see my own face and I judge it harshly. I realize I am comparing myself to older female relatives. I want to give love to them and to myself. It's sad not to see the beauty in my older relatives and it's sad not to see my own beauty. We are all beautiful. I accept and love all of you - you all look gorgeous to me. This is my beautiful mom, the queen of spades, doing her best, creating a sustainable home, garden, business, life, and legacy.


  1. Love what you wrote! Love your painting!!!!!! Love that you honor mother and yourself!

  2. Andrea, I believe that women (not all perhaps) have this habit of not seeing the inherent beauty that we and other women possess. I was given a wonderful book by my friend, Judi, a fellow Painting major at is called 'Women of Consequence' featuring photos by Jane Bown, published in '86 so it is probably out of date but the photos of those women are awesome. And your drawing is awesome too.