Friday, April 10, 2020

April 18th Sketchcrawl Together Apart!

Dear Sketchers,

On Saturday, April 18th, between 10:00am and noon, let's all draw together even though we will be apart.

We can draw in our own homes and neighborhoods and then post them to the group. Let us see your kitchens and basements. We all know that rooms that are too tidy don't make interesting drawings so you don't even have to clean up.  Or show us your back yards, driveways, the cars on your street, people walking by, your pets or your neighbors pets that keep getting into your yard!

We draw the world around us, we draw on location and if that's your house that's okay with us.

If you draw individual objects, plants, animals or people please include the some of the environment around it. We love to see the context surrounding your main focus. It gives your drawing that sense of place that drives the spirit of Urban Sketching.

You may feel comfortable doing a Walk and Draw in your neighborhood, with proper social distancing of course. If you do, try drawing a grid on your sketch page or working in a very small sketchbook. Then pause on your walk for a very short time and do a speed sketch before you continue your walk and pause again.

Look, here's Jason Roberts sketching his backyard.

Whatever you do we want you to keep drawing and continue to share them with us. So I am looking forward to seeing all the drawings we create while sketching apart on April 18th.

Be well and get drawing!
The Portland Urban Sketchers

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