Sunday, October 27, 2019

Bridge Party

I got up early this morning to walk to Burnside, to join the people milling around waiting to parade up to the new bridge on the Wildwood Trail.  We were led by an honor guard of elders from a few nearby-ish tribes, followed by a marching band (who started with a song called, appropriately enough, 'Walking').

The parade ended with a party under the bridge, with pancakes and coffee.  And no actual access to the bridge itself.  The portions of the trail that used to come down to the roadway have been excised - blocked off, draped in burlap and covered with branches.  So I parked myself underneath the bridge and sketched it from below.

I'm not happy with the result.  But I'm not going to throw it away.  Cause I'll never get another chance sketching from the middle of Burnside.

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