Saturday, July 20, 2019

Sketchcrawl at Cathedral Park

Getting to St Johns on transit from my house is a bit awkward.  You either take one of the few 15's that goes past Montgomery Park to the end of the line, then get off and wait for 40 minutes for a 16 to pick you up for the rest of the way, or you go the other way and cross the Steel or Morrison bridges, and then transfer to a bus that makes the long trek up into the peninsula.  But I decided to be clever and concocted a direct route without a long layover.  It involved riding an orange bike to the hub outside of Schoolhouse Electric, then crossing the railroad tracks to catch a 16 on Front.

But there was a catch.
 That being a freight train parked on the crossing.  And extending as far as I could see in both directions. I settled in to wait, to see if by chance it would get out of the way before my bus arrived.  And sketched until I heard it go by on the other side of the train.

Then I checked the bus schedule, and decided that taking the bus in an hour wouldn't make me too late, and decided to try the new coffee shop in Schoolhouse Electric.  Had a latte and a croissant and read the Willamette Week from cover to cover.  And, eventually, the train started up and rolled away, and I was able to get to Front and catch my bus.

I'd missed the pre-sketching gathering, so I headed straight down into Cathedral Park and worked my way down the hill until I found a spot in the shade with a good view up at the bridge.
And then headed down to the river, where a stern-wheeler was passing.  I watched it go by downriver, and spied a mysterious ship off in the distance.  So I worked my way along the river to find a better view of it.

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