Friday, February 15, 2019

Scavenger Hunt: coffee, snacks and dogs

I went back to TaborSpace confident I would get some coffee drinkers into a sketch. I sat between a group of people who meet weekly to practice their Spanish and tables of singles focused on their computers. Success!

I changed tables so I could get a different view of the ever expanding Spanish speakers. After I settled I saw that I had, as usual, neglected my coffee and cookie. I always get my coffee or tea in a to go cup because I generally don't get around to drinking it until after I leave. Instead of more people I decided to focus on my cookie and knock another item off my list. I still had most of the coffee and cookie for the walk home.

The next day my neighbor and I took 2 dogs, RaeAnn and Rocky, to our local dog park in Mt Tabor Park. The off leash area is a muddy hill slope on the southern side of the park. Forget about drawing the space! Roving, running, playing dogs that only stopped for seconds took all my concentration.

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