Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Sunny weekend

Trying to take advantage of the sunny and warmer temperatures predicted this past weekend in Portland I proposed a sketch gathering at the Fields on Saturday.
The day eventually warmed up a bit but the sun didn't really warm the several of us who came out in the morning that day. I also seemed to end up in an out of the way area that left me chilled and not so satisfied with my sketch efforts.
Monday was a little different. I took a walk down NW 23rd to scope out some coffee shops for future sketching (on those rainy days). On the way I came across a couple of things that looked interesting. Sitting in sunny spots I was warmed and happy.....much more satisfied with the results.

Sorry to see the weather change again but it was surely nice to see the sun and shadows in Portland!

These above sketches are the two from Monday's warmer session.

Looking these over again I am thinking that the whiter paper is lending itself to my happier/brighter sketch.
What do you think?


  1. Deb, somehow I clicked on something and found myself in your Blog. Love it! Love your work! Love seeing it in that format!

  2. THanks Ellie. I don't visit this site or my blog as often as I should....trying to change that.