Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Fields again

On an unexpected sunny and mild day, Deb decided to go sketching at the Fields again, and invited anyone who would like to come.  I was already downtown when I got the message and decided to come, even though I only had my small tablet with me.

First off, I sat down on a bench in the sun to do one of the bronze snails.

By the time I'd finished the sun had snuck behind a building, leaving me in the cold.  I walked around to the other side, which was still in the sun, and sat down beside Deb.  And noticed that yet another building in the mill complex was in the process of being torn down.  So I decided to make a record of it before it went.

Halfway through I paused to greet a small dog.  And her person stopped to chat.  And then realized that we were both sketching.  She used to, and is wanting to get into it again.  And has been following Deb on this blog.

1 comment:

  1. How did you get a message that Deb was going sketching? Other than the scheduled dates, I have no understanding of how people begin to really meet up and make connections in Portland unless they are on the inside... a mystery!